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Recent paintings, 40"x44, have sold for 3500 from the studio and less for older and smaller pieces or multiple purchases. Installment payments and loans toward purchase on approval will be considered. 

Posters and prints, all by-hand screenprints, will be very reasonable until reserves are sold out. 

text    859 552 5400

                                    stripes  48"x48   


  1. Major Thomas HinzmanSeptember 18, 2017 at 8:02 PM

    Hi Clay... I really enjoyed seeing your paintings. You are a great artist.

  2. You rock that first sentence!
    A passkey to the corridor s of memory...
    This is what We do in the live wire!!!! 🌹
    Amazing work.
    Can I come back and be in the presence of your pieces in person having left the porch... Key in my pocket?