The first job after military service was in a sign shop screen-printing window banners. I originally rented my studio with the vague notion of printing custom invitations and such as a way of paying studio expenses. Over a  ten year period in the eighties I produced posters and edition prints as well as occasional special projects for advertising agencies, utilizing left-over materials for my own art.

children's theater  28x18

mullane's parkside cafe  26x18

Dennis Mead 24x15

plaza cafe 28x18

artsplace 28x18

UK theater  28x18

lost on planet X  17x17

kincaid tower   17x15

subterranean highway 20x20

x's    17x17

five print portfolio -- Rupp Arena Suite

rupp arena I 18x15

rupp arena II  15x18

rupp arena III  15x18

rupp arena IV  15x18

rupp arena V   15x18