columbia terminus         48"x48


 Clay Wainscott, b 44

I began painting for an audience that didn’t exist at the time. The non-profit art agencies refused to acknowledge a representational approach, so I continued to work in isolation anticipating a broadening awareness of art and a return of a more accessible visual dialogue. My goal as a painter is to produce an image more tangibly believable that photo-realism, one that triggers the mechanism of recognition each time it’s seen. Choosing a subject from daily experience presents the viewer with an invitation for conversation on common ground, and a familiar point of departure.

For the time being I’ve stopped making new paintings. I have an inventory of paintings not seen in any venue, and one by one they’re going back across the easel, so in effect all have been finished only recently. When viewing the examples here please consider scale, up to four feet, and the limitations of digital translation. Seen directly the images resolve with distance, read in half-light, and give an impression of surface depth under a smooth waxy finish.