tea kettle              40"x44



Clay Wainscott, b 44

I began painting in a representational style that guaranteed my exclusion from even the chance to exhibit in any community venue, making paintings in a self-supported studio for an audience that didn’t exist at the time. I understood, begrudgingly, that my own isolation was a reflection of an excluded majority who didn’t relate to abstract art either, and only the reemergence of a more general public awareness would begin to make my own efforts visible.

Recently a burgeoning of art production and exhibition, both locally and nationally, has provided a landscape and backdrop for every sort of expression, and after decades of showing in alternative venues without notice or recognition, just this year I’ve been invited to hang two one-person exhibits, to participate in a three-person exhibit devoted to color theory, and had paintings accepted in three open competitions.

Over the last three decades my method and direction have been quite consistent. As subject I usually choose an ordinary and familiar sight to engage with the viewer’s own experience. I then attempt to create an image that triggers recognition and enters consciousness each time it’s seen, becoming in time an ever present element of daily life instead of fading into the background. Please note scale and consider the deficiencies of digital reproduction.