rose  30"x34


I came to art to repair a lost connection between will and result, mind and hand. After studio classes at the university I decided to find my own way painting through most of the successive modes of modern art on stacks of canvas board bought in bulk. Working in isolation and taking a longer view I became more interested in direct experience and shared perception, and although my figurative work was shunned for decades, still I persisted with the conviction that the public would one day begin see what I’d been doing all along. Even without official acknowledgement, I’ve enjoyed a studio centered life subsidized at times by various lines of work, from line production to product design.

I choose typically unattended and mundane subjects to gain access to common memory, and by recasting established expectations compose an image which continually bypasses attention thresholds, eventually becoming a permanent presence in its owner’s awareness. My method is derived from ten years I spent screen-printing, using single-color stencils to construct images. I paint with one color at a time, just the primaries, red, yellow, and blue, each reduced in clear medium to transparency and applied in layers, with secondary colors mixing on the canvas back to front.