red peony        40"x44


Clay Wainscott, b 44

Initially my approach to making art was as a strategy for self-therapy, reconnecting mind and hand, and intention with result, through a process that provided immediate feedback. Once committed, I found the cult-like narrative of twentieth century art to be a descent into the dissociation and dysfunction I was climbing out of. I simply went my own way.

My conversation is with sight itself and the mechanism of recognition. For me the first objective of visual art is to overcome a relentlessly advancing
attention threshold to enter awareness each time seen, in time to become an enduring presence instead of fading into the background. My images question subconscious assumptions the nervous system makes when interpreting the world, and they automatically kick upstairs for further review at a conscious level. There is no narrative intent, no metaphorical reference, only the direct experience of seeing and recognizing a familiar object from common experience in unexpected terms.

My work is available directly from my studio/gallery and a couple of long-term alternative venues here in lexington. Sunday hours will be posted sometime this spring.



122 n upper st

lexington, ky