chair no 2        42"x42


 Clay Wainscott, b 44

I’ve been working in the same studio for forty years, and although I found little acceptance early on, I continued with the conviction that what I was doing would become visible and viable some time in the future. Along the way I sampled various manual and light-industrial occupations, and these unrelated day jobs contributed to my decision to depict our shared physical reality.

I paint with one primary color at a time, red, yellow, and blue, each reduced in clear medium to transparency and applied in layers, with secondary colors mixing on the canvas back to front. Paintings have a singular consistency throughout, with pure color suspended at different levels under a smooth waxy surface.

The representational image is the passkey to the realm of everyday experience and common memory. The painting is a threshold-evading counterfeit intended to trigger the mechanism of recognition each time it’s seen, in time to become an enduring presence instead of fading into the background.

going forward
Covid and quarantine substantially changed my practice and I haven’t bought new canvas in a couple of years. Instead I’ve been passing paintings from an unsold archive back across the easel, and applying what I’ve learned since they were first painted. This is possible because the primary objective has never changed.