cows           48"x48

Finding animals painted on cave walls from a couple of millennia beyond recorded history tells us something about ourselves. It means my painting of cows could be understood by them, and that we might nod to each other over thirty five thousand years, with nothing else in common but arms and legs. The ability to abstract the world down to a two dimensional surface, and have it reanimate and appear in space to others, is perhaps the defining attribute that bridges all our kind.

I make paintings tuned to resonate within this universal onboard apparatus, the mechanisms of comparison and recognition with which we navigate the world. Subject matter in most cases is simply a vehicle, some unaccounted element of daily life, elevated to consciousness like a full stop in the incessant digital flow that engulfs modern life. 
After forty years of independent and self-supported studio practice at a parallel with currency in art, I believe the paths have crossed, and my work can finally be seen. Thanks for looking.


clay wainscott, b44

122n upper st

lexington, ky 40507