form and method

I’ve been temperamentally destined to attempt the most difficult way to accomplish simple tasks, and I found expression through representation during a period of abstraction. In almost all cases, subject is less important than the means of its construction, just as a popular song is a vehicle for inflection and phrasing, the actual ‘message’ the audience hears. Elevating the ordinary and unnoticed to consciousness opens a portal to shared memory, and provides common ground for wordless conversation, mind to mind. My overall aim is to produce an image with enduring presence, a stand-alone statement complete unto itself.


I paint with one color at a time, just the primaries, red, yellow, and blue along with white. Each pigment is reduced to transparency in clear medium and applied in layers, with colors mixing on the canvas back to front. Only small amounts of tube paint are used, yielding brilliant effects and apparent depth under a smooth waxy surface. Foundations are hand-built in the studio.