Could I explain my preference for the accessibility of figurative art by citing a desire for connection with and among fellow citizens tempered with a resolute independence -- maybe. The use of psychedelics may have made the subjective interface of mind and the senses a lasting fascination, or in a thoroughly modernist mode perhaps mundane images merely provide a scaffolding for purely painterly concerns. Whatever it is, the approach has been consistent throughout three decades of studio production, and even though I cover all genres my work is regularly recognized regardless of the year produced or the setting.

                                                        double sink  40"x44

My domain is the typically disregarded side-glance amped up passed the viewer’s attention-threshold. Some unaccounted detail of the day is isolated from the background and elevated to conscious awareness. This maneuver creates pathway into the realm of shared memories and common experience where subtle recalibrations can be performed all on a visual level all humans inherently comprehend. In practice visual clich├ęs, also commonly disregarded, work as well. My goal as an artist is to override normal expectations by introducing dissonance in patterns of perception, producing an open window that persists and pervades other areas of thought.