intro --shared vision

                                              roller chair    28"x22                              
In a certain respect I’ve been painting for people that I only imagined were there, and if they were there they weren’t looking for me and probably felt excluded from art. This has made things more difficult since finding support as an independent artist means seeking any audience available at the time and only a small percentage find success. As the issue of colliding world concepts unreconciled, I was destined for social displacement and solitary wanderings and painting has been the perfect medium for all of that.

To begin with I disavow the founding principles of modern art, a laughably grotesque religion lying to the laity and cheating the taxman. I decided my objective was to create an image that would disarm the gate guards of attention and penetrate all the way to consciousness each time it’s seen. I chose a figurative mode having noted that abstractions worked well in spacious museums but became less compelling reduced to living room scale, and I thought art should go in houses.

My technique derives from ten years I spent making sreenprints, posters and small editions while taking occasional commercial work to defray studio expenses. I paint with just the three primaries, each reduced to transparency in clear medium and applied in layers, with secondary colors mixing on the canvas back to front. Luminosity is achieved using very small amounts of tube color and finished surfaces are waxy smooth with an apparent surface depth, an effect somewhat similar to stained-glass. I choose mundane and unattended subjects where associations are few and thresholds are low, entering through the backdoor of common memory to present a slice of daily experience more believable and tangible than photo-accuracy.

For years my work seemed opaque to the conventions of the moment but I’ve continued, anticipating that an inevitable shift in social tectonics would aerate the cultural soil and make my work exalting the common ground between us visible to new eyes.