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magnolia  40"x44


I think of art as an oasis in an arid commercial landscape, as a single source of awareness and renewal approachable from many directions. For this reason I chose representation but found when I began that figurative art was simply out of bounds. Still I persisted anticipating a shift in general sensibility that might one day bring my notion of a shared reality into focus.

My art is intended to be purely visual without narrative or metaphor. I choose unattended and mundane subjects to gain access to common memory, and by recasting established expectations attempt to present an image which overcomes the threshold of attention each time it’s seen.

My method is uniquely derived from ten years I spent making screen-prints, using single-color stencils to construct images. I paint with one color at a time, just the primaries, red, yellow, and blue, each reduced to transparency and applied in layers with secondary colors mixing on the canvas back to front. Very small amounts of tube color are used and finishes are waxy smooth with an apparent surface depth.