roller chair    28"x22                              
I came to art on a personal quest. Art connects mind to hand and intention to an immediate result; it imposes a material discipline on lifestyle and leads to a wide variety of work experiences while independently supporting a studio. I first rented a studio after a couple of apprentice years in a screenprint sign shop, and produced posters and edition prints over about ten years. I started painting by emulating each early modern movement beginning with Cezanne on stacks of canvas board bought in bulk.

I paint totally within the visual realm without narrative or metaphoric intent, and choose mundane and typically unattended subject matter. At the easel I produce a passkey pattern capable of engaging the machinery of recognition and entering the corridors of memory. There it introduces a dissonance which alerts the attention each time it’s seen, the image increasing in tangibility and presence over time rather than fading into the background, each painting an autonomous object in itself.