I’m interested in what is, direct experience and the common ground established by figurative art. I see the representational image as a studio-fabricated passkey to the viewer’s memory and experience, and the beginning of a conversation without the ambiguity of words, more like a direct way of knowing.


                                              white chairs    40"x44

My aim as an artist is to produce paintings with a penetrating and enduring presence. Mundane and typically unattended subjects are raised to a conscious level with the purpose of recalibrating perceptual thresholds and enhancing general receptivity. My pictorial strategy has been to reconstitute visual elements always present but so common as to remain unregistered, essentially unseen, producing a ‘hyper-visual’ depiction meant to be more evocative of tangible reality than photo-accuracy.

For much of the time figurative art has been out of favor, and my approach was categorically not considered and in effect opaque, but lately even older works are becoming visible for the first time. Once paintings are made they don’t change, and I suspect a new mentality is emerging that finds personal affirmation in what is also be seen by others, part of a reverse tide on all fronts favoring human commonality and universal connection.